Eyes in the Dark

January 1, 2184 EC // 7.3.6 SW
Evening SW-CP-Local Time
Outside Comms Outpost 1

Shusett parked up the ATV a fair distance from Comms Outpost 1. He took a pair of electrical binoculars from the ATV's storage compartment, he peered through them, but all he could see was the rain. On the side of the binoculars was a switch *click* a green filter appeared over the binocular feed, it was clearer now. He could make out a few things, but it was still mostly obscured by the bad weather. "What are you doing?" Shusett mumbled to himself.

Suddenly from the Ghost Forest, a collection of vehicles emerged. A Gyrocar, an APC, and a truck. It was clear they were heading back to the colony. He turned the binoculars to the crates. Fortunately, they hadn't taken them. Irving looked down to his wristwatch and decided to wait about a quarter of an hour just in case anybody decided to come back. By then they should be more or less at the colony.

Once the time had passed he climbed back on the ATV and drove towards the crates. Before pulling up too closely, Irving checked the area again with the binoculars to see if there was any sign of wildlife. There wasn't but he noticed a cameras positioned in a tree nearby. That was a problem. He quickly braked the ATV. "Shit!" Irving exclaimed. Then he had an idea, he could disable the cameras using a remote access tool. He sat beside the ATV and began to hunt down the frequency that the cameras were operating off. Then he found it, the right frequency, with a little tampering he could easily disable it. But somehow Irving inadvertently managed to create a feedback loop, repeating the same short segment of transmission for a few minutes. He could monitor it on his Sutter-Lynk device and it was somehow totally convincing, this was perfect. Quickly he ran back to the ATV and drove it up to the crates.

Shusett exhaled heavily as he loaded the unopened cryostorage unit onto the back of the ATV. "Thank the lord..." He carefully tightened the orange fabric straps around it, he didn't want to risk dropping whatever was inside. He'd already let that damn Facehugger out. Then he climbed back onto the ATV and headed south. Towards somewhere quiet, somewhere like the Hatchery. Nobody would notice it there...


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