To The Bridge

8.3.5 SW
Afternoon SW-CP-Local Time
Wombwood > Sotillo

"Oh Shit!" Saygin yelled as he fell backwards. He quickly gathered his wits and moved to close the hatch so whatever the hell that thing was couldn't get in just yet.

Slowly... so slowly, the elevator creaked and groaned upward until finally grinding to a halt. Al Saygin was alone in the Sotillo.

"shitshitshitshitshit......ok, comms. I need some help." Saygin pulled out his Seegson Diagnostic device and started digging for a map of the ship. He wanted the quickest way to the bridge.

Saygin saw that he was on C Deck behind the auxiliary reactor control room. He would have to go through it and down one of the ladders to B Deck, then down the main ramp to A Deck where the bridge hangs below the main reactor on the bow of the ship.

Saygin noted the path as sharply as he could, sealed every door he could except those between him and the bridge, then stashed his SDD, readied his rifle, and began to move.

Moving through the ship down to the bridge, Saygin noticed the ship was covered in strange organic looking stuff and there were splatters of clear slick, somewhat viscous liquid running down the walls. It got thicker and thicker as he got closer to the bridge.

As he entered the bridge, Saygin could hear a scraping and clunking noise down below the ship as late summer, coastal wind blew in through the shattered glass of the ventral viewports near the helm.

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