Overview of the Colony On Sutter's World


Sutter’s World
System: 111 Tauri System
Location: Frontier > ICSC
Spatial Coordinates: -14.1 parsecs Rimward, -2.9 parsecs Trailward
Affiliation: Weyland Yutani
Classification: Terrestrial Planet
Climate: Breathable atmosphere, temperate wet geosphere, 50-70% oceans
Mean Temperature: 0 C - 30 C / 57 F
Terrain: Sweeping plains of elephant grass, forested hills, huge moon in orbit, earth-like paradise
Size: 12500km
Surface Gravity: .98 G
Colonies: Crowning Point
1 - Suen
Established: July 13th, 2179
Local Date: 5 SWC (Sutter's World Calendar) Late Summer
Years Active: 5.2 SW Years / 4.56 Earth Years
Population: 1600
Key Resources: Selenium, Iron, copper, lumber, livestock, fertile soil
Colony Missions: Mining and refining, mineral drilling, communications relay


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