Not Listening To You

Chris nodded. "I won't touch your camera River, I promise." Tam was confident he was true to his word, Chris was a good kid like that.

Is there a reason I should be worried, Kevin? Guy was a total asshat, he probably pissed off the wrong guy for all we know.

Look, I gotta go to work we can talk about this afterward. I'll bring food.

Max then called Serenity over, and instead got the Humongous Russian instead.
All eyes fell on Alexi and Max as the former began to shout at the latter.

Max looked so utterly uninterested as Alexi shouted at him, it almost looked like he was about to yawn before he looked to Serenity, leaning off to the side to do so around Alexi, and said: "Serenity, let's go ahead and discuss the chapters I assigned you." Then he looked to Alexi with a completely deadpan glance. "Sir, I was employed by Serenity's parents to help with her studies. You do not have any say over what I do or when I have Serenity... If you're that bothered feel free to take it up with Mrs. Winters, as she's the one with the real authority here."

Tam smiled. Max wasn't taking any crap from this Commie bastard. Now she waited on bated breath to see what the fat bastard's response would be.

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