Seeing how Max basically told off Alexei, River had a new respect for the man. "Wow..." She whispered and kept an eye on Chris the entire time. Just because she wanted to see this fat bastard get told off did not mean she would neglect her duties of watching out for the boy.

River had babysat before and was always well recommended back home. Here, though, no one knew of her previous jobs or her lifestyle, so she had avoided taking any babysitting jobs. Something about the sweet child, though, spoke to the inner mother-figure inside the girl and she could not help but want to protect him.

"I hope he tells off Alexei some more." She whispered to Tam. "I am totally going to report this fat jerk when nationals are over for Serenity's sake."

Speaking of the blond, River waved toward her friend. "Come on, Serenity!" She called out. "You've got to work on your studies too!"

It was the bravest River had been in some time.


Kevin only gave Max's response a quick glance and decided it was best to speak about the matter once his friend showed up. He also needed to talk about his situation at the apartment. Waking up to your landlord banging on the door and almost finding out about a pet possum was never an easy situation to deal with.

For now, he would just work and let Stefan rest for a bit. The older man was in good shape, but it was obvious his age was starting to get the better of him.

Smiling and putting on his usual brave face, Kevin greeted customers as usual.

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