The Good Side

River glanced to her camera. "I've been taking pictures since I was around three years old, but I've been a professional photographer since I was thirteen." She explained to Max. Digging into her bag, she found a few of her old PSP games and handed them to Chris in case he wanted to play them. They were all safe for children, so she was not worried about the content.

At Serenity's words, River nodded. "Yes, you both should probably stay with Serenity tonight..." A giggle soon followed her words. "And if you ever stopped skating I would die of shock."

Speaking of Tam, she wondered what was taking her so long to come back. Wasn't it around that time she got off work?


Kent was on his walk home when he noticed the stopped car on the side of the road. A part of him said to keep going because it wasn't his job to care, but the better part that always wanted to help people made him stop in his tracks.

Staring at the driver, he realized he recognized it was one of those pizza delivery people. Was she crying? He could not tell very well from where he was standing, so he walked over to the car and knocked on the window gently, hoping not to spook Tamara.

"Hey, you okay?" Kent asked with a grimace. "Car didn't break down, did it?"

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