Closing Shop

River frowned, suddenly very irritated thanks to Alexei. "I wish that jerk would go away..." She muttered. "You need a better instructor, Serenity."

It was true, Serenity's instructor, Alexei was obviously a pain in the ass. He was rude, demanding, and never thought that anything Serenity did was good enough. It was frustrating.

Once Nationals were over, River truly intended to report him for the abuse.


Kevin was finished for the night. He had gotten all the animals to bed and was grabbing his stuff when the phone chimed. Grabbing it, he saw Max's message and chuckled before looking to Bonnie. "Guess Max misses us, Bonnie."

The little possum lifted her head at the mention of Max, her possum tail practically wagging as the blond sent a reply.

Just finishing up at work. Stefan went home early due to an emergency, so I had to stay late. Sorry, dude.


The moment Tamara's hand touched his own, Kent jolted slightly. Realizing she was simply holding his hand, he calmed down a bit and turned his gaze to stare out the window again. Hearing her say "it's okay" over and over again seemed to hit something deep in his mind and he couldn't help but squeeze her hand.

"I..." His voice choked, unable to form words at this point as his emotions seemed to go in every direction. What was he supposed to do in a situation like this?

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