With another shrug, Kent followed Serenity and River toward the limo. "Best to save you on gas money." He told Tam, always thinking of ways to help people in his own way. It was odd, though, being in the vehicle with a driver that listened to the ice skater. The brunette had never been in a situation like this before.

Upon arriving at the mall, however, he froze. It had been years since the last time Kent visited a mall.

River grabbed Serenity's arm and grinned to both Tam and Kent. "Have fun, you two!" She chimed before pulling her friend toward the nail salon.

"Why do I feel like they wanted us to do this?" Kent asked.


At the pet store, Kevin left Bonnie with Max and opened up shop. The animals all seemed to greet the blond with pure happiness and love, making all kinds of noises in greeting.

Surprisingly, there was already a customer waiting by the door. Her hair was died a bright blue, completely contrasting her green eyes as she looked up from her phone at Kevin when he entered the shop. "Oh, hey," She said, hiding her phone away in the jacket she was wearing. "I was hoping to get that parrot I was looking at the other day." Curiously, she glanced to Max and Bonnie. "Your boyfriend?"

Kevin blinked in confusion at the last question. "What?"

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