The Vet Is In The Store, Bro

River smiled, a little uncomfortable with a child having a crush on her, but it was better than having to deal with some jerk boyfriend that would hurt her down the road. "Well, he's welcome to hang out with me any time so long as he lets me do my work." She said, tapping her laptop.

Looking to Serenity, she said, "Lets go ahead and have you try on those outfits. I may need to do a few adjustments for you so they'll fit better. You're so thin that even custom ordered outfits are sometimes off by a hair."

Kent felt heat rise to his face as he followed Tam out to his truck. Getting into the driver's seat, he started it and felt a great amount of relief when it roared to life. "Sounds almost brand new..." He murmured and looked to Tam. "Okay, tell me where to go so I can get you to your car."


Kevin was reluctant to leave the car when they arrived at the pet shop, especially when he saw Layla's truck. Going into the store, though, he was surprised to see an older man buying bird food. Was this Layla's father? He certainly had the facial structure, but there was no blue hair.

In fact, he recognized this man as the local veterinarian.

"Oh, hello, Kevin." Stefan said as he handed the man his change. "I separated the rat from the others and put him in the back if you wish to check up on him."

"Thanks," Kevin said with an awkward smile as he stepped around the man and slipped into the back to check on the rat.

Bonnie, however, happily stayed with Max and finished off her cheetos while nuzzling close to the man. She was just happy for the attention.

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