Advice With A Pinch Of "Relax"

River arrived at the skating rink in time to see Serenity making her way back to Yazuhiko, who was making a few notes in a notebook. A calm expression was on the man's face as he looked up to the blond girl.

"You're stiff and robotic, Serenity," He explained. "You need to relax yourself and feel the movements rather than just push yourself into it. Try to enjoy yourself. Relax..."

River smiled as she took a seat and set up her camera, waving to Lisa when she arrived.


Kent was happily spoiled and made sure to take his medication so there would be no fuss later. He was also happy to see Chris feeling better and eating his meals. "You got any plans today?" He asked calmly.


Mr. Andrews froze as the expression on his face turned to pure anger. "So she didn't use protection...We'll have to take Kevin to get tests done. Make sure he didn't catch anything from that child." The man's mind was already working on the best thing to do for his son. "Kevin is going to want to take responsibility, you know..."


Paul sighed when Max hung up, frowning deeply. "I want to kill my own daughter..." He muttered.

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