If She'll Go To War For You... Put A Ring On It PRONTO

Tam was immediately at Kent's side, her lips pressed to his before she pulled back and looked into his eyes with certainty and determination. "Then we kill them first." She said coldly. No one was going to take him away from her.

No one.

"I'll call my cousin in the morning. He can help us. In the meantime..." She clambered out of bed and put on a large t-shirt that was long enough to hide her panties as she made her way to the door. "I'm getting Chris. We're staying in the living room. I want us all together. If need be you and I can sleep in shifts unless you can stay up with me?" He had gone to her closet, pulling out a shotgun that had been her dad's and a box of shells. She had felt a need to keep the shotgun around, and she was thankful for that now more than ever.

She turned to Kent as she finished loading the shotgun. "You comin' sweetie?"

Jonah nodded. "Yeah we moved into their old house and are renovating it." He was worried. He knew she had her hangups, and he didn't want her to feel worried. He wanted her to have fun and enjoy herself for once. He kept smiling warmly at her. "Sounds good to me. See you at six."

Then he went off to buy things for the dinner. He couldn't help but be both excited and anxious about this dinner date. But he was determined to make it good.


Max hung up and had to stop himself from letting out a scream of glee. Looking to Mr. Andrews he sighed. "Yeah let's go get him."

Gathering the animals they got into Max's car and drove to the pet store. Max felt anxious the closer they got. He looked to Kevin's father and grimaced. "So did you want to break the news to him, or me?"

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