He Feels So &%^&#$

The moment Tam began to load the shotgun, Kent couldn't stop the blush or the arousal that sparked in him. He loved this woman already, but seeing her like this with all of her instincts activated...

It was just beautiful and sexy to him.

Using his crutches, he was already up and had gotten Chris to come to the living room, ruffling up the boy's hair gently. "I don't think they're dumb enough to come here, Tam." He said, recalling what her cousin had done to that Noah guy.

Even with all this going on, Kent could not stop the love that swelled inside him when he was with these two. It felt like home.


River got her shopping done and went back to Serenity's place. She put everything away and cleaned up the apartment while her friend was still gone before returning to her own home with all of her things. With Noah gone, she felt safe enough to be in her little apartment with the few things she owned. It was not yet as gothic or elegant as she wanted, but that was simply because she had not taken the time to dress up her place.

With a sigh, she went to her closet and gazed at all of her dark clothes. Everything was either jeans, shorts, and tights that hid old scars along her legs. A part of her worried Jonah had seen those scars the night her ex had attempted to rape her again, but she quickly shoved such self-conscious thoughts aside.

Pushing clothes aside, she finally found a black dress she had not worn for a few years. Smiling, she pulled it out and got to work making changes so it would fit her better.

So, when the day and time of her date arrived, she would be wearing an elegant dress that fell just past her thighs with lace and a few frills. It was not too girly, for the dress was more about showing off her curves than anything else. In a pair of dark tights with little star designs all along them, she had her jacket and usual combat boots on. Her hair was in a high ponytail with a few strands loose to frame her face, adding to her elegance in an odd way.

The only thing she opted not to do was wear make-up.

"I hope this is good enough..." She whispered, staring into her bathroom mirror. It had been so long since she had been on a date. This was both exciting and extremely frightening for her.

But she would try.


Mr. Andrews looked to Max and smiled calmly. "I'll tell him." He stated before getting out of the car. "You need to focus on that date you're going to go on."

With that said, he gently closed the car door and met Kevin at the front of the pet shop. It did not take long for the horror to cross the blond man's face, his hands tightening on the straps of his backpack. It was obvious how afraid he felt now, how lost he seemed.

Layla had literally and figuratively fucked him.

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