Here's My Card

Tam nodded. "A ride would be better. It's getting cold out. When we do get there... it may be best if you waited... My father can be... unpleasant..."

The look on Tam's face said it all. Even Max could see it and without thinking he had gotten up from where he had been petting Bonnie. "Do I have to call someone? You know, to help? It sounds like a rough situation you're in there..."

Tam shook her head quickly. "No! No. It's fine. It's just... he's a bit of an ass is all..."

Max wasn't buying it, but opted not to press any further. "Okay... well if you feel the need, you can always call Serenity, or me." He handed her a card that read "Max Loveless, writer, teacher, and general pain in the ass" along with his phone and email.

"Seriously?" Tam frowned at him.

Max nodded. "Yes. I am a pain in the ass."

Tam continued to frown but put the card in her pocket anyways. "Thanks... I think..."

Max went back to petting Bonnie. "Kevin? You done yet? Serenity here wants that ferret!"

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