Numbers and Distress

Kevin snorted as he returned and waved to Stefan. "If you used those eyeballs of yours, Max, you'd see that my boss took care of the ferret situation." He said with a grin and picked up Bonnie. "Who's a good possum? You are!" He chimed before looking to Tam.

Smiling sheepishly, he spoke up again. "Sorry about earlier. I'm Kevin...Kevin Andrews." Hoisting Bonnie up onto his shoulders, he pet the possum and enjoyed her purring. "This is Bonnie. I know what you're probably thinking. Ew, a possum, right? Well, Bonnie has not once bitten anyone since I found her, so no worries. She's a good girl."

To add proof to this, Bonnie proceeded to lick Kevin's cheek and gazed at Tam before reaching her little front paws out in a stretch.

"Anyway, uhm..." Kevin dug around his jacket pockets and produced a slip of paper with his name and number on it. "Here, in case you ever want a pet. Stefan has a bad habit of ignoring the phones when he's busy."

River shifted in place, obviously uncomfortable with this situation. Turning, she slipped outside as quickly as possibly and prayed no one noticed the distress on her face.

As for Stefan, he had gladly helped Serenity pick out the best items, food, and even a good cage for her new pet. With everything paid for, he got back to cleaning up and prepping the shop for closing.

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