Weary Girl

Tam smiled and nodded in thanks to River. Then noted how weary Serenity looked. One look at her skating instructor told her everything she needed to know.

Another douchebag who thought his shit didn't stink. So basically like one of her typical customers...

Chris scrunched up his nose at the mention of fish and vegetables. "Eww... Can I just have apples? I like apples. They're healthy too you know!"

Tam chuckled. "If he gives you trouble, let me know I'll come and get him. Thank you again, for this." She wanted to hug River, but figured she might not appreciate someone invading her personal space. Then that jerkass instructor barked at Serenity again. It took all she had to not turn around and call the asshole a limp shrimp-dicked pig fucker right then and there.

She looked to Chris. "Now you behave for River and Serenity, okay?"

Chris smiled and nodded.

Tam looked to River again. "Where can I meet you guys when I pick him up?"


Max was already walking into the skating rink when he got the call from Kevin. He smirked. "Yes, dear. I am already there, thank you for reminding me..." He chuffed. "And you keep saying people confuse me for gay... We may as well be the resident gay couple with the whacky possum for a pet."

The looks he got from the girls who had heard that made him chuckle uncomfortably. "Joke... Just a joke..."

He remembered the pizza girl, seemed Serenity and River had made a new friend. The kid was a surprise though. Then he looked to Serenity as she walked out onto the ice and called her over. Knowing full well this would piss off the Russian dude to no end.

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