Yelling Is A Theme

River giggle and ruffled up Chris' hair. "I brought some apples along in my backpack if you want one." She said and gestured toward said backpack. "Just don't mess with my camera, okay?"

It was then that instructor started to yell and Serenity returned to the ice, only to be called upon by Max. Freezing at the sight of the strange man again, the photographer contemplated running. Oh, how she hated this part of her. She hated how much she always wanted to run and hide from men.

Sure, she could handle Alexei because he was fat and dumb and easy to maneuver around, but this man reminded her of that one person she would rather forget. "Hello..." She finally greeted in a choked voice, forcing a smile.


Kevin laughed happily. "Yeah, yeah. Talk to you later, dork." He hung up and blinked as he passed the very house that Kent was walking out of. Stopping, he noticed the black eye almost instantly and the bruise on Kent's jaw.

A frown crossed the blonde's face. "Hey, you okay?"

Kent jerked his head up and snorted at the sight of Kevin. "I'm fine," He practically coughed out the words, but they got out at least. "Why are you here, possum guy?"

"I walk this way to work." Kevin answered as if it were the most normal thing ever. "Should I call the cops? Or, maybe a hospital?"

"No," Kent seethed as he lit a cigarette and started the long walk to his job. "Just leave me alone."


"I said to fuck off!"

Kevin flinched at the yell, but had no other choice but to follow. His job was in the same direction this brat was going. He could at least shoot Max a quick text about this, right? Should he?

He was unsure. Some people just didn't want help.

Shrugging as Bonnie nuzzled into his neck, he sent Max a quick text about the situation he had just discovered, hoping his friend knew what to do.

Hey, man, I just ran into that Kent guy. He looks like he got his ass beat and I really don't know what to do.

With that done, Kevin went to work where Stefan gladly welcome Bonnie.

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