A Russian, a Olog-Hai and a Mafia Part 2

After they both ate their meal and drank a little, they started talking about themselves being here and realizing that they were both new to the city and had one thing in common and that was that: Maurice: I spent all the money, fuck. Ogor: First time. Maurice: No comrad I spent a lot of times but I always had a place to be then and not like now. Ogor: It's hard to be on the streets but you get used to it, at least you didn't grow up in a clan like when my father was disappointed he would make me go outside with nothing but my macola and kill something and then if I had to pack up He and I will be able to eat, so I'm used to it. Maurice watched and had only one question: Then why are you on the street without food and almost naked? Ogor: I don't have a hunting permit and I immediately spent all the money on food. Because everything is too good here. Maurice: I agree here it is very much to spend everything if you do not have money but we will not be able to collect money so easily it is not as if a bag full of money will fall on us any second. After he said that he just kept quiet and looked up at the sky and waited. Ogor: Why are you looking at the sky? Maurice: I’m waiting for money to fall on us you know like in movies and books. And then out of nowhere, a $ 10 landed on them. Ogor: Maurice, what a magic it is for money to just land like that on the carpet !!! Maurice: I have no idea Ogor but now we have some money to. Ogor: Well, we'll stop with that money now. Now the Moors thought and thought, they wanted to save that money for when they were starving or maybe invest in some business to get something but only one option according to him was the smartest and that was to: Ogor, you and I are now going to the casino to try to get there money.
Ogor:Thats a good Idea.But that's why they didn't know this was going to be one of the craziest nights of their lives.

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