Seeing friends.

Time: Summer
Place: Ellisate Manor

He was making some rounds talking to people making sure the guest was taken care of. everything was going well only a few mishaps with the food but nothing the staff could not handle. The DJ had some good music going and some people were already dancing. of curse Amber was out there getting her dance going she was good at Shuffle dancing and other types on the hunt for guys that would dance with her. He wondered about the guy to the side with what looked to be electric energy emanating from them. He could only hope he was not going to make trouble.

Vamir spotted Mia taking with friends she was looking good Vamir had not seen her all summer and wondered how the Dojo more importantly she and some others he made his way over to them. Vamir realized He did not know everyone there around Mia. Jack, Aello, Mia, Lily, and Joseph. She had quite the group going. he could feel that Jack and Joseph were not the average teens. He smiled as he walked up. "Mia, have not seen you all summer. How have you been?" he asked.

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