Being Socialable

Despite some initial conversation, Wally was starting to feel a little bit like an extra. Lily and Aello seemed practically glued to Jack -- how far was that? -- and Jack and Joseph seemed to be meshing okay, despite some initial tension with the latter boy's somewhat concerning staring. So that was cool. There was a cool looking catgirl who showed up, apparently a friend of Jack's but before Wally could say hi, Vamir had showed up and was talking to her.

Wally checked the time. He needed to get back up to the DJ booth and update the playlist before it start plucking randomly from his fallback selection. He had a few minutes though. Noticing the smaller lizard-kid that had been hanging around Joseph, Wally walked over and nodded to him.

"Hey man," Wally grinned in what he hoped was a friendly fashion. "How're you liking the party so far? Guess you're pals with Mr. Serious over here?" He indicated Joseph with a toss of his head. He offered his hand. "I'm Wally, by the way. Spinning the tunes tonight, so let me know if you have anything specific you want in the rotation. So hey..." He looked between the lizard-kid and the catgirl who was talking with Vamir. "I see somebody's got your attention tonight, huh?"

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