Small Talk II

Time: Summer
Place: Ellisate Manor

Jack and the girls looked at Joseph then at each other. Lily then responded.
Lily: That's is Joseph. He is one of my neighbors.
Mia: Oh yeah now I remember. He doesn't talk much at school.

Joseph twitched at the sight of Jack, he could see his strength and Red wanted to show his superiority. He was barely in control, thankfully Bevil returned. "Joseph, snap out of it." Joseph closed his eyes and shook his head, his eyes going back to normal, "Sorry, guess I need to be more cautious."
Bevil smiled at him, "You know that you should talk people more Senpai. Or else Sensei Red X will probably become more dominant. He fits more of the bill of being sociable." Joseph gave a nod, "I feel bad now. I probably should apologize." Joseph began to walk over to the group.

Bevil looked panicked, "Wait, like right. Now, wait hold on." Bevil chased after him.
Joseph put a kind smile, "Hello, came here to apologize about the death stare, just spacing out. Welcome back to Point Break City Jack, heard some interesting stories about you." Bevil hid behind Joseph, and peeked around him, when he saw Mia he turned red and hid behind Joseph again.
Joseph put his hand out to shake, "Call me Joseph, trust me when I say the only reason I'm here is because I need to be more sociable. I got dragged here." He glanced back at Bevil before looking back at the group.

Jack was caught off guard by Joseph's behavior as he went from staring at him to a somewhat polite introduction. He looked at Lily and Aello who smiled while being polite, before looking at Mia who shrugged as if it didn't matter. Then Jack shook Joseph's hand. It was the first time he had this kind of introduction since most people avoided him in general since he always had a scowl on his face. He wondered if being next to the three girls made it easier to talk to him now.

Jack: Ummmmm.....Hello Joseph....Bevil. I'm Jack.....but you already know that....wait how do you know that?

Lily: Oh its okay Jack. He told me he a friend of his saw your father back in town and word somehow got around.

Jack rubbed his chin as he pondered that bit of information.

Jack: Oh........... I guess dad is a big shot in some circles. He doesn't really talk much about work when he is home.

Mia: Well I can see why since you were a handful back then.

Aello: Really?

Lily: He was just misunderstood.

Mia: Well you are one of the few who understood him then.

Lily blushed red with embarrassment. Aello seemed a bit jealous.

Aello: Well Jack is better now.

Jack: Can we please change the subject?

Mia: I don't know I kinda like seeing you squirm Jack.

Lily: Sorry Jack. Mia please?

Aello: Sorry Jack.

Mia looked at Joseph with a snicker. Then she looked at Bevil and Joseph.

Mia: Yeah yeah. Anyhow what have you two been up to?


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