How Rumors are made

He grinned and pointed to the boy in the booth next to him, as he faded Bevil's track up and the audience started to dance and cheer. "OH AND ONE FINAL NOTE," Wally injected, with sly grin. "THE LADIES SHOULD KNOW HE'S SINGLE AND ON THE PROWL. GET HIM WHILE HE'S HOT."
Laughing, Wally turned the PA off and let the music play.

Bevil turned bright blue in embarrassment as Wally shined the spotlight at him. He gave a shy smile and waved at everyone looking at him. He looked over as he watched Red X approached Team Krush, enjoying his favorite music mix from Bevil. Bevil looked over at Mia to see what she was doing.
"Hey there," Robby grinned down at the girl. "You look like you could be having a whole lot more fun than you're having so far at this party. You wanna come hang with me and my guys?" He gestured to the other members of Team Krush, who were keeping something of a distance, not really wanting to mess with Jack.

Red X pushed past Robby's crew, bopping with the music. Once he was next to Lily and Robby he chuckled, "Now, now. That's no way to introduce yourself to a lady. In fact, it is clear this young woman doesn't have any desire to be around you, so be a gentleman and screw off."
One of the members marched over to the strange man, "Back off freak!" He swung his fist at the masked man, however his attack never hit, instead the man was knocked back, his nose broken.

Red X sighed as he cracked his knuckles, "This is a party boys, not a mosh pit. Please back off, and be respectful members of the party." He glanced over at Lily, "Apologizes for these boys being rude, they don't understand manners. My name is Red, may I ask what name a beauty like you has?"

He kept his charming and very social approach, ignoring the goons behind him, the one that with the broken nose back away, afraid. Red's voice was much smoother and sleeker compared to Joseph's voice, he sounded like a completely different person.

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