The Evening Continues

Jack: Manners make-ith the man and woman. It is good that you have rules in this establishment and it's good that you are willing to stand your ground. As long as these rules apply to all........ then we won't have to concern ourselves with favoritism. We hope our relationship will be one of professionalism and prosperity. Oh and we will meet at least once a month to discuss business in the future.

Adele gave a small smile as she gave a small nod at Helena. Jack raised his glass to Helena before he sipped from it.

Adele smiled as she enjoyed the music while getting cozy with Jack. She did enjoy the new environment and change of pace. She spoke to Helena casually.

Adele: I could get use to this city. You did well for yourself Helena.

Then Jack let Adele drink for his glass before they continued to enjoy the music.

Jack: Your place has class. I hope you don't mind if we drop by to enjoy the scene. Oh and if you don't mind we would like to use your services in the future.

Adele then looked at Lily and Helena so who will escort us to meet the big guy?

Lillian looked over and had seen Quinn talking with Colette and Leon and then leave; she had a feeling the Brujah had gone back to the Lion's Den. Upon hearing the question put out by Adele Lilly spoke up. "I will. He's currently at the Lion's Den so I can show the way over there. Do you have a car you'd like to use? If not I have mine outside, however, my ghouls should come with us." With that she nodded to her two ghouls sitting at a table.

Helena nodded, "We can meet at another time to discuss terms." she said. "For tonight enjoy the show, enjoy the drinks. If you need anything..." Helena waved over a young blonde woman. "She will take your drink orders for the night. If you need me speak with Jackson at the bar and he'll get me. For now I have other business to take care of." she said taking her leave.

The young woman spoke, her voice sounding like something right out of the 50's. That sexy baby talk voice. "Hi, how are'ya. Is there anyting I can get'ya?"

As long as Adele and Jack were ready to go, Lilly and she escorted them to the Lion's Den where they arrived a few minutes later. When they got there Lilly noticed that her instincts had been correct and the Prince was talking with Quinn. The three of them were shown to a table and once they were seated. She turned to Adele and Jack. "The woman speaking with the Prince currently is Primogen Quinn Abar, she's the leader of the Brujah. She's also in charge of the blood trade." Her reasoning was simple for saying this; it would be a good indication as to why they couldn't just interrupt them as Quinn was also a Primogen. And it was always useful to know who was in charge of the blood trade in an area. "The other woman with him is Lia Avarham. She is always with him and anything goes through her. Would you like me to send a note requesting a meeting for you?" Lilly wasn't sure if they wanted to send the message themselves or they wanted her to because different Primogen's worked differently.

It didn't take very long for Quinn to finish with the Prince and she got up and left, Now, all was for the Prince to invite them over or at least Adele and Jack.

(Back at Gomorrah)

As Colette and Leon approached Jackson began writing something on a bar napkin. A short series of numbers two sets of three, with useless 1's at the start and end. Making the numbers appear to be a phone number to someone out of the loop. It was the new door code. Jackson changed it now and again to ensure only those with business had access.

Colette handed the bar napkin to Leon and jokingly acted all proper.. "Primogen, your number."

Leon laughed. "Stop that" He then said "Thanks" to Jackson. "I'll go." With that, he headed downstairs.

A little birdy gave me some interesting gossip I think you might want to tickle you ears." he cocked a lopsided grin. "Here is tidbit one." he opened the napkin and wrote a name on the inside. "Anton Lipnicki" he spoke as he wrote. "This is new. Not gotten around the grapevine yet." he went on, sliding it over to her. "He was convicted of some sort of criminal misconduct with children, and was recently released on a technicality. A bullshit one from the looks of it. Something about evidence that was part of another case he was involved in but wasn't part of that case, though it was allowed in because it was relevant. From what I am told. His sentence was a hell of a long one, but he was released, early. Weirdest part though. No one had ever seen his lawyer before, and every one on the board asked didn't see the same person." he paused, "While that is worrying, I think we need to worry about who this Anton is first."

Jackson then looked around, "This also found it's way to me." he said reaching under the bar, and placing a thick string folder in front of Colette. "This." he said "Is more troubling." he tapped his finger on it. "Copies of case files, pertaining to a killer they've named 'The Butcher of Bourbon Street'. Grizzly stuff in there, even for us." he actually looked shaken for a moment. "I don't know much about this stuff. Investigators don't either. They can't figure out how the person is killing in the manner they are, and they can't establish a pattern. No one person is alike. Non-gender specific, body type, nothing." he looked at her as if he wanted an answer but then didn't wait. "I think its one of us, can't tell what clan, or anything like that. Just thinking maybe your people could take a look at the photos, and do some poking around. Don't let the name fool you though this killer hunts in places other than Bourbon Street, that's just where the first three were found."

Colette waited until Jackson was done giving all the information before speaking but she nodded occasionally to let him know that she was listening. She lowered her voice when she spoke. "Ooh, those are both very juicy pieces of information. I'll have to see what Leon wants to do with it. The first one might be easily taken care of but we might have to hold back until we know what the new Prince is like. The second, hmmm...that might be trickier, especially, if it's one of our own. Maybe, it's a Sabat, it certainly seems like something one of them would do. In that case, we might be able to just sent Quinn after them." Quinn wasn't exactly secretive about how much she hated the Sabat. However, Colette's comment about it was half said in jest; once again, a lot depended on how the new Prince was about such things.

"Oh, before I forget. Leon needs a new card so it says Primogen on it." She paused. "You know formalities and all of that. Anyway, thanks for the information, it's very useful. I should get downstairs." With that Colette left to speak to Leon.

Quinn arrived back at Gomorrah a few minutes after Jackson and Colette were done speaking. She went up to the bar. "Hey, Jackson. I need a drink." That talk of the Sabat with the Prince, even though she had brought it up, had set her on edge. "Also, I'm taken orders tonight if you need any supplies." Supplies, of course, meant blood.

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