12: Ni-Bump-ght

"Without tuition you will rapidly reach a plateau in learning about swimming, but most people get by that method. So if you want to progress you will have to have an instructor of some kind, it is damned near impossible to improve your strokes without an external observer. We have students who carry out external work for us, go on first contacts for example, all have to have a certain level of training for their own safety and that requires a minimum swimming capability of being able to effectively swim at least fifty metres. we have quite a few swimmers. The Gallo twins are pretty good."
Towards the house someone was wondering by engrossed in his phone, which floated ahead of him, literally hands free.
"Ah, there's one who needs to get his swimming pass. Min!"
The boy's head turned in their direction, the phone remained where it was relative to his body. He bowed.
"Nim Cooper-Xavier, I hope you are well."
This was the Korean boy Min, Jenny had met him earlier.
"I am thank you Min. Have you completed you swim test yet," Val asked him.
Min's smile faded quite quickly, his phone dropped and before it hit the ground it shot back to his hand.. "Ah no."
"Well see that you do."
Min headed back to the house.
"Morbid fear of water," Val explained. "Its a pity, he is quite adept in most areas. But without the swim test he cannot progress."

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