17: Namor McKenzie - Setting up for his arrival

Ryusaku Harada was a high functioning autistic fifteen year old mutant. He was also selectively mute, that didn’t stop him from communicating, when he chose to do so.
He was outside getting some fresh air, because he had been informed that it was good for him and exercise would be beneficial. He understood the logic of keeping his physical form healthy.
He looked up and saw Valerie Cooper-Xavier off to one side of him. His attention withdrew from the virtual display that he had been visualising before him, it had been running an efficiency analysis of the air conditioning unit in Mr Labiche’s new BMW. It was not a good design. One of the small silent drones that accompanied him wherever he went popped out a visual display unit: GOOD MORNING HEAD TEACHER.
Val smiled. ‘Use your words Ryu.”
Val frowned. Ryusaku was not the best at interpreting the emotional states of others but he understood Val frowning. Not happy.
“Good morning head teacher.”
“I have a name Ryusaku.”
“Good morning Dr Cooper-Xavier.”
Close enough, Val decided. “Now. Was that so hard?”
“I am assuming that that is a rhetorical question.”
“No it was not.”
“I understand. Yes that was difficult.”
“Uncomfortable for me.”
“God, Ryusaku. Vulcans are chattier than you.”
“They are fictional so that is an incorrect statement.”
“How are you today Ryusaku?” she asked, knowing pursuing the previous line of conversation was utterly pointless.
“I am well, thank you for asking.”
The Ryusaku subtitles to that were: I am functioning at peak efficiency what business is that of yours?
“I am glad I ran into you-“
“That is unlikely, no one is ever pleased to see me.”
Val continued as if the Japanese youth had not spoken. “- because I have been reviewing your file.”
“I suppose you do that with everyone.”
“I do. How long have you been with us now Ryusaku?”
“You said you had been reviewing my file Dr Cooper-Xavier. You have to be aware of the answer to that particular question.”
Val was, she had simply forgotten that Ryusaku had a riposte to practically every conversational opening.
“When you joined us you expressed a preference not to have a roommate."
Ryusaku’s eyes narrowed, which hardened his naturally stern visage. “That was not a preference, that was a stipulation.”
“Well, I have made an executive decision, you are having a roommate.”
“I object Dr Cooper-Xavier.”
“Your objection is noted and duly rejected. His name is Namor and he will be arriving tomorrow morning.”
"In the morning I have fencing practice."
"You always have fencing practice. Be there. This is not optional."
Ryusaku's frown deepened, which given how deep it was as a rule made the change tricky to spot.

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