16: Nightcrawler - His Arrival

Kurt was on a private plane to America, and for him it was scary they were going to accommodate him, it was difficult to understand how this new place. Although he carried the photo of his parents, his mother was accompanying them too. It had taken a few days to sort out the paperwork, as the circus travelled they had passports.
Jamie Braddock of the Xavier Institute had stayed with them and there was another passenger on the plane when it arrived. This was Harry Rutherford, he was clearly mixed race, British, and sported some short dreadlocks. When they landed the whole plan depowered and the two escorts switched off all their electronic gear.
“Harry has a gift but it messes with microchips,” Jamie explained.
“We want no hassles with immigration ok? The Department of Homeland Security has a downer on mutants, especially foreign ones,” Harry said, handing Kurt a tiny cloth bag, Kurt was told to stuff it deep in a pocket. Then he said something in a language neither Kurt nor his mother understood.
Kurt’s image changed. He was Causcassian, not blue and saw he had five fingers on his hands.
“It’s an illusion, it will hold for a while now it’s active, I’ll turn it off when we are somewhere safe. I’ll be here with Jamie to take you to the boarding school. I heard you have a remarkable talent”
Kurt stared. “I guess my uncle hated me and this place it’s for people like me?”
Harry smiled. “Yes there will be no discrimination here,” Harry said as he put the Wagner’s luggage into the trunk of the car that was waiting for them.
“I’m sorry I don’t have much” he looked down.
Harry smiled again. “I ‘ad nuffing when I came ‘ere,” he said, “They will look after you too.”
As they got in the car, Jamie was driving, his journey was getting started, New York was like a futuristic world to him.
“Is that the Empire State? Wow, I seen it in the King Kong movies! Oh may we one day have New York style pizza. I love pizza.”
Jamie smiled at his innocence, the broadcasts of mutants fear mongering froze Kurt. “They will see my face and hurt me,” he pulled his hood farther down.
Harry reminded him that the illusion was still in place.
“Kurt this school will help protect you, so you do not have to live in fear.”
“Let the devil in and he relish in your fear,” his mother told him.
The quartet arrived in the school Kurt stared as a tall woman with blond hair greeted him. This was Valerie Cooper-Xavier, headteacher and widow of the school’s founder. His mother had a suite of rooms at the top of the house for now, later she would have her own cottage.
Harry took back the small bag and Kurt’s image returned to normal.
He was escorted to his room by Jamie. “You will share with another student. He is Daniel Adeniran,Danny, he is a really nice guy. He is in class right now. Come and find me if you need anything Kurt. We will do orientation with you when you are settled.”
Jamie left him to unpack as he sat in his bed. The soft fabric was heaven, his blue skin revealed, his tail waved and he relaxed, he was not used to such a bed and it caused him to fall asleep.

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