12: Ni-Bump-ght - Part Two

Bernice had just returned from a double history class and taken over the 'carer' role for the girls' dorm when Ayala arrived. She smiled and took the phone. She looked at it for a moment before tapping the screen a few times and held the device in the palm of her hand. Ayala heard it making a ringing burbling noise before Harry Rutherford's voice.
"Hey Ayala, how os your -"
"It's Bernice Summerfield."
"Oh, hi Prof. What's up?"
"Harry, why are you messaging Ayala?"
There was a pause. "Last night we -"
Bernice frowned and interrupted again. "No you half-wit. She cannot use a phone yet, let alone read a text."
Harry swore, his tone self deprecating and light. "Sorry. I didn't think."
"A common trait around here. I will pass the message on. Where are you?”
“Greenhouse having a mug of tea.”
“Stay put I will send her to you." She ended the call and looked at Ayala with a smile. “Harry had sent you a message,” she indicated a cluster of incomprehensible squiggles on the screen. “Unfortunately he forgot you cannot read our writing yet. He says he needs to talk to you and as you heard he is in the Greenhouse.”
She stood next to Ayala and showed the screen, it had a series of coloured squares on it. She took Ayala’s hand and tapped a finger lightly on one of them. The screen changed to an image of blocks of colour.
“This is a map. Map. This small red dot is where we are.”
Another tap, and the image zoomed in.
“This grey area is this house, and the red dot now shows our position in the house. Watch the screen as we move.” Bernice left the dormitory office and walked to the large double staircase at the front of the house. The dot tracked the movement. Bernice matched the image on the screen to the stairs before them. They descended and walked out of the front of the mansion. Ayala could see the image shift and relate it to what was around her.
“Locate the Harry Rutherford,” she told the phone. The image zoomed out a little and a green dot appeared too pulsing slowly. “If you use that map and walk towards that green dot, you will find Harry. Want to give it a go?”

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