18: Moonstone

Jamie did the talking whilst Dr Reyes checked Moonstone over.
"There are a lot of mutants here Moonstone, of varying sizes. We are people, the tall ones like me are adults and a little one like Joshua there is a child, a boy."
On cue Joshua trotted up and took Moonstone's hand. "I am glad you are different from other pusscats Moonstone, you are very pretty as a person too." Joshua Frost toddled back to his mother with a little wave to Moonstone.
"If people like us can be mutants why can't a cat be too? I think that you can change your shape is wonderful, what a marvellous gift you have.
"Just because some call us evil Moonstone does not mean we are, to call someone evil for merely being alive is hardly a nice thing to do. I think the evil is on the other side not yours. Most people in the world are afraid of mutants, because they don't understand us. And there are quite a few people in the world use the fact we exist to scare others. Now that is evil to me."
"What happens now is entirely up to you. If you would let Cecilia here finish examining you, to make sure you are well and healthy. That would be reassuring for us. You can leave if you wish to, we don't force anyone to remain against their will. However, if you want to stay we have a very safe place here for mutants. In time you can decide what you wish to do."

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