20: All in the Game - Posted by Jake

Jake had heard the ‘Adrian Griffin’ ref before here. I was dumbasses trying to be clever. The first couple of times it had happened he had looked at the deliverer dumbly. So when they had given him that stupid restricted phone he had googled the name. Ancient story he had never heard of. Not important, he decided.
“Hey Ethan,” he said nicely. Most of the others, usually the girls, bitched about him for not sitting on a towel at best. Or gave him shit just for being naked at worst. No one had ratted on him to the faculty yet. Not that Jake cared.
“How's your day going? Finished your game? Was just gonna see if there was anything on the TV. Thought this was a film that I knew. It isn’t. They are in armour and castles looking at the stills on the page. Might be a sword and sorcery thing maybe. You want the TV? I was gonna head to my room.”

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