16: Nightcrawler (Danny Adeniran)

It was kind of like Kurt did both sides of the conversation sometimes, answering questions that had never occurred to Danny. But there was something his grandma would have called ‘engaging’ about the German boy despite him being ‘overwhelming’ in trying too hard.
“Of course we are friends. I am reading a book by a British TV chef, I love her shows, she is so practical. It’s obvious she is a bit Downton Abbey but she is really nice and knows ordinary basic food too.” He set about looking up Linzer Auge. “There’s nothing out of the ordinary in the recipe list I would used fine granulated sugar rather than powdered for a biscuit. I don’t like powdered sugar in a bake. We have all these ingredients in the kitchen. I will have a word with chef and get us a space set aside, we need to make a lot of these and we have big ovens and baking trays there.”
Next he looked up Yorkshire Pudding it seemed pretty basic, an oven baked batter mix. He would look it up on Nigella’s sites later and see what she had to say about it. Chances are she would like it.


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