16: Nightcrawler (himself)

Kurt smiled, as he grabbed his bag putting on his favorite shirt and sweatpants he stared in the mirror “alright ready to rock and roll” he texted David “I’m gonna go and get breakfast and than I’ll meet you for fencing practice..see you soon”
He stopped and texted Daniel “thank you for the message and don’t worry I understood it well on my way for breakfast can’t train on a empty stomach”
He stopped by the nurse office “morning doctor Reyes I hope you have great day and I wish to say sorry” he waved before walking.

As he found the cafeteria he stood in line “may I have the omelet with green peppers, red peppers cheese and turkey bacon with a hint of dice tomato please” he took an apple and orange juice waiting for it to be done. His tail curled up when it was finished he saw a danish “oh lemon” he grabbed one as the lunch aid gave him his omelet “thank you kindly” he smiled, searching for a seat.he found a open spot and ate he put on his music listening why eating. The loudness of the cafeteria was becoming like a normal event for Kurt.

Once he was finish he got up taking his tray to the deposit for cleaning he smiled “thank you for the meal. Than left as he texted David “I’m on my way I should be there soon” walking past students chattering away. He went out to the area he remembered where fencing was held.

Kurt entered changing into his fencing outfit “hi David I’m here and ready” he stepped on the piste in his ready position tail wrapped around.

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