Everybody Alright?

JP with Alexis, Gonyaul and Voah

Voah noticed Gonyaul’s physical reaction over anyone else’s because he fell to his hands and knees. Ever the Inquisitor, Voah had to know.

“What just happened? Are you alright?”

Perhaps it had something to do with being Vaux… if he even was Vauxian.

Literally every part of Gonyaul’s body was tingling. It was neither unpleasant or pleasant, it just felt. He was brushing himself off as if covered in ants.

He looked frazzled, as if his physical form had been stretched beyond its limits. Internally, he felt like a lightning bolt and ice mountain water hit him at the same time between the ears. He had never experienced this sensation before and it was very strange.

Once he composed himself better, still shaking out an arm or leg on occasion, he responded.

“Alright … strange. I see red and hear not nice thinks and see me run all alone from badness. Heavy sad and hold something. I trip and see back here on ground.”

He hopped around a little, that seemed to really help. He looked like a swimmer warming up with all his dynamic stretching.

“Much new feel.” He smiled trying to reassure them he was ok. At least he thought he was.

Strange indeed. It sounded like a vision… perhaps one last taunt from the red cap, or could it have been from the Gods? At least he seemed fine now.

“Good. Everyone else alright?”

Alexis shook her head to chase away the remnants of her own vision and focus on the here and now. So she had not been alone in this experience, although with different imagery judging by what Gonyaul said.

“Think so…”

Gonyaul wondered why he was the only person who had such a reaction. With his present company in mind, perhaps it was because they were all just so tough.

If Alexis and Tarmen had experienced anything, they weren’t talking and Voah wouldn’t press them about it just now. Her curious mind would have to ease it out them later.

“Then it is done. May any curse upon us go with it into oblivion.”

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