In To The Lion's Den

Timestamp: Across Ostiarium

s the days went by, Hunter got accustomed to his new routine of early morning training, working in the tanneries, checking on his traps for more small game and visiting the twins for a meal and some TLC. However Hunter was still concerned if the holy woman had ratted him out to the others. Each day he put on a kind face as he stayed vigilant about who was around him. His paranoid mentality had kept him alive since he escaped his last employer and he knew there was always a chance that he would have to deal with his past as well as his present issues.

The work at the tannery was a simple but tedious job that Hunter was accustomed to since he had to survive on his own in the forest before. He liked how it was simple and calming. The morning training was his usual routine to stay in peak shape, so he could be prepared for any situation. As for the trapping he did, he would go out every other day to check them and bring back what he caught. Since it was snowing he was not always lucky, but it kept him busy and he was able to provide the twins with some meat on the side for their skewered meat booth business. Since it was cold it was not hard to keep the meet in good condition.

Of course nothing lasts forever and after a few weeks while Hunter was working in the tanneries, a messenger approached him with a summons to got to the Keep under the orders of Sir Zane for a meeting. Hunter looked at the nervous messenger as Hunter stared him down then back at the letter, as he hoped to determine the purpose of this letter and the meeting. Hunter looked around to see if any guards were approaching him for a surprise or two, but the coast was clear. As he pondered the reason for this meeting, Hunter pondered his next move. Either the holy woman ratted him out or they had a job for him or they somehow found out who he was. However since they were not arresting him, it most likely meant they wanted him to do a job. The question was what kind of job was he going to do for the big wigs.

Seeing as he had no idea just yet, Hunter decided to play it cool and answer the summons. So he looked at the messenger and told him he needed to wash up first and he would follow him. The messenger followed Hunter to quietly watch as he cleaned up and put on his coat before for he led Hunter to to the Keep in the rain.


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