Heavy-hearted homecoming

With an anxious and heavy heart, Alexis took lead again.

They made haste as much as they could without outright risking their horses, and this time they made it without further incident.
Given the damage already done to the group that felt like a rather hollow comfort.

But, if nothing else, it meant they didn’t loose even more all too precious time.

Alexis directed her party to her steading. Again its secluded location proved to be more advantageous than bothersome, as it was far enough from prying eyes.

The workers that tended the land in her absence were there, surprisingly enough, but fortunately they did not recognize Voah in her disguise.

Alexis sent her friends to settle in the lodge and proceeded to settle affairs with the farmhands - most importantly reward them for their diligent service as much as she could.
A bit of chatting helped to confirm that, yes, Ostiarium was starting to prepare for the upcoming war. They also divulged some rather troubling news of several murders that had culminated in the assassination of Friar Balvaris, and subsequently to the shifting of religious power into the very rigorous hands of the Purger.

Not good. That meant Voah would have to be even more careful, if agents of the Inquisition had that much of a stranglehold on the city.

After bidding the workers farewell, Alexis returned to the lodge as well.
She hoped that with the looming war, their return would not be high on the priority list of the Duke.
They could really use some time to device a plan on how to proceed, rather then always being reduced then merely reacting.

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