Duty calls

DrunkenHare - Ostiarium
Jp with Lucian, Winteroak and Bandorchu

As evening approached, the Hare started to fill with even more people. It grew noisier, rowdier and smokier.

The drinks flowed, men played cards or dice and made bets on who could hold their drink the longest.

"They are getting ready for war. The Duke, the Purger and Sir Zane are spending a lot of time making plans." She said. "They started conscripting. A lot of resources are being into producing new weapons. I don't know. Hoping our advancements over the natives will tell when the time comes." She offered.

Alexis bit back a groan. Not only the Duke, but the freaking Purger as well. What a cast to very possibly run into in the fucked up situation they were in. She was looking forward to visiting the Keep more and more each passing second.

“Guess Zane doesn’t exactly get to enjoy a day off anymore.”

she murmured, more to herself.

“Did they share any intel they have on the enemy?”

Carver looked up at the mention of the older Knight. "Oh he gets out alright. You might even find him here sometimes..." She said and paused looking at the bottom of her cup. "But if you are doing the Duke's bidding you will see him sooner rather than later I would imagine." It was obvious from her reply and body language that Carver was not privy to details on the enemy like the others were.

Alexis looked at Tarmen.

“Wanna get the report over with tonight? Then we might want to get going.”

Tarmen ran a hand through his ever growing beard, aware he should probably shave it but not having the care to do so.

“Might as well, see if we can catch Zane while we’re at it.”

Standing from the table, he nodded towards Carver as thanks for that chat.

“Thank you for your time, Captain.”

Alexis stood, leaving her untouched drink to the older woman’s discretion.

“Take care.”

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