Separate ways

Alexis carefully watched as Voah without a hitch integrated herself into the lively group of Helians, proving that she just as easily could slink into the shadows befitting an agent of Ereuhin as she once upon a time could charm, dazzle and draw eyes like only an aspect of Hoi could.

Maybe this was even Voah’s unexpected patron at work, providing cover. Alexis certainly hoped the moon goddess would be willing to provide some assistance to her newly enlisted disciple, given what she demanded of her.

The mercenary soon lost sight of her friend, fervently and silently wishing her luck in that crazy endeavour of hers, but continued to observe the chatty group of people she had merged with.

That, for sure, was one trait the Helians could be proud of… despite death and destruction looming at the horizon, despite every soul breaking hardship they had already endured, they just kept going.

It spoke to what little was left of the tattered bond to her people, but also reminded her of the disconnect that had gradually happened in her time in Arcadia.

…or had that process begun before she ever set foot on that ship? Maybe. While it had never been so concise and predominant before, the feeling of not really belonging anywhere wasn’t exactly unfamiliar.

But be that as it may. Alexis had decided to stand with her people, if only by mutual origin, one last time. It was likely the coming days would put an end to all that inner conflict and anguish of hers once and for all. She supposed that would be the only good thing that possibly could come out of this for her.

The mercenary raised her gaze and focused on their next destination: Stoneshade Keep.

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