Timestamp: Ostiarium Forests - Night

Hendrik looked around the faces of his three companions. They had all lost something for sure. Something had happened. Something that would bring consequences to all of them.
He was only a city guard asked to look into a few dead bodies. He had no jurisdiction over any of them. But what they had allowed to transpire tonight would have consequences.

He listened to the young noble talk about an enemy coming from beyond the desert. Witches, magik and now foreboding enemies. Hendrik start to suspect he was not going to get to the end of his 3 year tenure and get that parcel of land.

He looked at the young noble straight in the eye but made sure Islana and Jiyn knew the message was for them as well.
"I couldn't care less what deals you make with witches and devils. Your soul is your own to lead to damnation..." He spat into the flames.
"But in case you forgot we have a bloody Arbiter in the city. And she won't be too happy to find out we been consorting with witches. Nor that we've been making deals with them." He looked around at the others. "I for one am not looking to find myself "questioned" by the Inquisition." He paused. They all knew how ruthless they were in their pursuit of erradicating magik and those that dealt with magik weavers. They had all heard the bloody stories. He didn't have to say anymore.
"So I suggest that you keep your traps shut if you know what's good for you. For all of us..."

He groaned loudly. Corpses, witches, unholy bargains and talk of war. He was starting to think he should have gone with Alexis Greyriver.

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