Eyes of Uncertainty

Before heading into the outpost, if you could even call it that, the Arbiter reminded Hunter to keep an eye out for suspicious people. Runners would be the most obvious but she hardly thought she would get that lucky.

As their horses paced into Aquilo by way of Wind Row, Hunter and Voah were met with eyes of uncertainty. Most of them probably wondered what in Zin's name was the Arbiter doing this far from anywhere and who her grim looking campanion was. Her reputation wasn't always looked on favorably and on the frontier, where there was no law nor official representation of The Pillars, it was no exception.

But If the cultists left Ostiarium, this was one of the most likely place she would find them, or else she was chasing ghosts.

As they toward the forge, they passed a group of natives working around a flaming bloomery. They looks they gave did not bode welcome. Before they could get started officially, Voah wanted to meet with the local authority.

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