Old acquaintances


Voah and Hunter - A few days after your strange encounter in the Plains and Omen's revelations, you arrive in the mine settlement of Aquilo. It can hardly be called a settlement yet as you look around. It is mainly made up of tents, a few wooden buildings and a central forge. There is one tavern in the settlement aptly 'The Hole'. As you ride from the south you notice a few clans men processing ore, casting frowning eyes mainly at Voah.

Tarmen - Although you are in charge of the squad, none of the soldiers are interested in joining you on your expedition into the mines. They are here to protect the settlement not go down some dark hole in the ground. If the clans' men that live in these mountains are scared to return to the mine, that can't be a good portent.

Wim - While you wait for this Balt to return to the settlement you see Voah Sanhsurr arriving on horseback with Hunter, the scout who joined you in your trading trip to the Odsier a few months ago. Your curiosity is picked, wondering what the Arbiter is doing this far north.

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