The Descent - Part 9

JP with Bandorchu, Lucian, Omni and Winteroak

The circular room where you stand is the largest you have seen so far. As tall as a small hill that stretches over a large square pond in the centre of the room. There is a dim bluish-green luminescence from the many small plants that cover some of the floor of the room. You spot that there is a narrow, winding path that seems to be clear of the plants, lending it an almost sinister appearance with it's darkness contrasting to the soft glow of the plants around it. Icy blue water is falling from an opening in the ceiling of the massive chamber in quantities which defy logic, the subterranean waterfall is as tall as a watchtower. As you enter the room the water stops once again from cascading down.

Gonyaul eyes widen at the magnanimous site before him. He smiled brightly and expressed gratitude for this moment.

He proclaimed, “Etnan ikesik-aniket kōuohsediek. Ihsataw aw arerok on otibotih ot ohssi in, erok o ikegukom etihs okok in ettat uri otok in ometot ahsnak etihs usami.”

He smiled and looked at the others with an expression of right? Right? Am I right? Not even realizing he didn’t speak in common tongue.

The Arbiter had never seen anything like it. The grandiose room was a sight to behold, from what little they COULD see of it. In torchlight and this plant life luminescence, it was simply staggering.

“It’s magikal alright, otherwise there is some giant construction to open and close this artery.” though she severely doubted that last part. What was this place? It didn’t seem sinister? Not yet anyway.

Gonyaul took a few more steps to be beside voah his hand gently brushed against the small of her back. “I am glad to experience this with you.” He looked from the beauty that took his breath away, back to the scene that looked like an environment out of his imagination.

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