The Water Chamber

The Arbiter was so preoccupied the last 18 hours that she hadn’t eaten anything since the night before and she was absolutely starving. Rations would have to suffice.

"Thank Cambena." she mumbled to herself, grateful for some time to relax and calm herself.

Another cascade was imminent and just moments before the water rushed down from the ceiling to cascade to the pond below, she heard ominous whispers coming from above. Time has stopped. Immediately she stood, listening. It was as if Cambena was answering her, but she couldn’t make out the words. She shook it off. The words of the Pillars were not for human ears. They would be deep and unfathomable. Oh how she wished that her silent Gods would truly speak. She used to look out for omens daily… it seemed she found one but not the kind she was expecting… she probably should have killed the witch. Could she have killed her? Somehow Voah didn’t think so. Omen must have been counting on Voah not attacking, either that or she was powerful enough to be undaunted by the Arbiter. Regardless, Omen disappeared like she was never there, leaving her with thoughts that may have been meant to sabotage her. Beyond good and evil she claimed….

Voah looked around at the others who didn’t seem to notice the whispering. However, Gonyaul and Alexis were again sharing some secret between them. She was sure it had something to do with her. Ridiculing, mocking, doubting? She noticed that Gonyaul and Alexis seemed to have the hint of a smile hiding at the corner of their lips, as if they knew something she didn't. Was he being sweet on her too?

She balled her fists trying to control her emotions, leaving little crescent moon shaped indentations in her palms.

'Uggh.' Inside Voah was seething. She didn’t understand. None of this made any sense and it was driving her mad.

Was Gonyaul playing her… adding the women to his little collection? How had she been fooled so easily? This morning Gonyaul was so sweet and last night, romantic.

She felt somewhat dejected then. Like when she found out the truth about Lord Griison. That was a story she kept deep down. Another story of shame and regret.

And then she met Gonyaul. He came into her world like a thief and changed her. His affection had come as a surprise. It was as if she was dry earth and he had dug down to find the healthy soil hidden below the surface. She wasn’t ready for her whole world to come undone. But here he was. Now conspiring against her and walking off into the dark? Great.

She breathed. Remembering her own meditations and always ending with those glossy doe eyes that made her heart and mind yield. She wouldn’t believe it until they were out of this place.

For the moment she kept to herself. Voah took her hair down from its high and tight ponytail, letting it hang loose and ran her hands through it.

The coolness of this water chamber and the smoke from her censer had taken her headache down from a piercing and throbbing pain behind her eyes to a dull ache all over. As she massaged the sinuses along her temples, the orbital bone, and her jawline, Voah put out the last vestiges of her headache.

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