The Invitation

Wasn't hard to find their camp. The assassin was out hunting somewhere, the redheaded girl and the scholar out on a trip to the mountains with some merchant. Some of the others including the Arbiter were down on the minds.

He found Nicolaus wagon easily. The Apothecary was standing near a barrel looking at some plants. A small leather bound book next to him where he was scribbling and drawing notes.

He looked up as Malacost approached. The man was limping. His left forearm was wrapped around a cloth or scarf.

"Evening." The bounty hunter said. "Guards said you a some sort of medicine man." He kept approaching. "Fell off my horse just before arriving in town. Scratched my arm pretty bad. Wondering if you could have a look at it."

The Apothecary nodded and went to fetch his tools.

As Hunter was out hunting in the tall grass he passed up some distance from the camp since the animals were a bit wary of the noise from the people. He had been walking for a good while now and was a bit disappointed but no game yet. He looked around and squatted as he scanned the landscape. He only had so many hours of daylight left to hunt before returning to camp. Then he saw an antelope limping towards him, so he readied his bow. He patiently readied his bow as his prey got closer and into range. Each moment he waited the antelope limped closer and closer till it was more than close enough to shoot. However before Hunter could shoot the antelope a large Luger pounced the limping Antelope from behind and bit down on its neck to kill the antelope. It was then that Hunter fired his arrow into the eye of the Lugar as a smirk grew on his face. He got a two for one kill this time. He figured the antelope was being hunted by something since it left the heard. Once he was sure the Lugar was dead he quickly went to work gutting and cleaning the antelope before skinning the Lugar. He could trade the skin for supplies or money later on. Then he prepped a sling attached to the legs of the antelope to carry back to camp.

Malacost spend the next hour taking to the Apothecary who was a man of infinite curiosity. The bounty hunter laid the foundations for his cover story for being in Aquilo pretty convincingly and the slight injures help. He paid the man for his trouble and even managed to be invited to camp nearby. Safety in numbers and all that. Malacost could be very charming when it suited him.

After arriving at the camp Hunter made his way to the camp and began preparing the Antelope to cook one leg and smoke the rest of it so he could prevent it from going bad right away. He used his knife skills to make thin slices to smoke better and make jerky from it. Since was alone he didn't have anyone to talk to. It was a bit lonely but he was used to the silence these days.

Malacost observed the nearby camp while in deep conversation with Nicolaus. The Apothecary was an interesting fellow. The Bounty Hunter could tell he was someone that would do almost anything in the pursuit of knowledge. He observed discretely as the young assassin spent his time preparing some food for smoking. The man obviously thought he would be staying in the same spot for a while if he was going to start a process such.
Later in the evening when the workers had returned to their onw makeshift camps and sat around small fires Nicolaus called Hunter over seeing the man was alone like he was.

Hunter made a makeshift smoker to smoke the antelope meat as he finished eating his meal. He found cooking to be somewhat therapeutic and calming. However he had a bad feeling as of late. He was wondering if Voah and the others were still alright. Granted they were all above average in skill, he was still concerned since their skills on Sentinel Island were tested to the extreme. Since they had not come back meant they were staying in the mine for the night. Then Nicolaus called for Hunter to join him. Hunter was not really in the mood but knew it would be rude to refuse the good doctor. Still he felt something was not right and he could not explain it. Hunter was still armed from hunting and he knew that a fight could happen with the natives any day now so he was not about to drop his guard. So as he approached Nicolaus's tent he scanned the area to see who or what was around. He didn't want wild animals to steal his smoked meat.


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