Ypogeoios network under Aquilo

Voah slowly tries to blink away the water running down her face. She feels a rough hand in her face and head, rubbing the water against it. Her head still hurts not only from the spear impact but also from the terrible headaches she has been experiencing since entering the caves.

The water seems to be helping clear her head. The Arbiter notices she is on the ground, her face against the cold, rough rock. Her hands are bound behind her back, and she can feel the stones and gravel digging against her skin.

As her vision stops slowly swirling she does her best to compose herself. The same woman who attacked her is standing over her pouring cool, icy water over her head and face. She can now see the mould growing on the woman's skin, how it seems to glow and move slowly as her assailant move and breathes. Past the woman's legs, to the other side of the cave you are in, Voah sees two other men kneeling over another person.

Focusing her eyes she clearly recognises Tarmen's prone figure who seems to be stirring under the ministrations. Voah tries to talk but her throat is too dry.

It is clear you have been captured. You hope that Alexis and Gonyaul are safe.

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