A Break in The Helping

JP with Redsword, Zeeke, Winteroak and Cindy

Wolf dismounted his horse looking at the trail "This will slow us down." Wolf commented. Knowing the others and their knowledge. Wolf did not have to tell them how they were going on this trail, single file and slow. Looking Wolf could just hope they were not ambushed here. "Islana you still have lead keep your eyes open for an ambush," said Wolf.

Wim walked with his horse and followed the group. He held the reins in his left hand to keep his right hand free in case he needed a weapon. At times he turned to look back to see if there were people coming to trap them.

With the boy leading the way, you keep pushing up the trail up the hill. Soon the path is nothing more than something used by mountain goats. As you and your horses keep pushing upwards rocks slide down the cliff face in huge quantities. An hour or so into your ascent you reach a small ledge with green grass, where trickling water slowly pools into a small basin no bigger than a small bucket. The boy immediately goes to drink some.

You can tell that that path that leads onwards is too narrow for you to lead your horses.

It is late afternoon and you need to decide if you camp here or push onwards.

Islana looked where the path led, into areas too narrow for the horses. Now what should they do?

There was no telling how much further they would have to go to find the place. How much harder would the path become?

Her gaze went to the young boy as he drank from the pools. Clearly he knew the water was safe. Right? Maybe, that meant they were close? Wishful thinking, really.

What to do next? Islana was still determined to help but leaving the horses here was a bad idea.

The young woman turned towards Boyce and Wim.

"I think we should set up camp here."

Her tone was soft, as if resigned to the fact that they shouldn't push on today.

Wim nodded.

The boy tugs at Islana hand, pulling her towards the small rock basin. He puts to the two men to drink as well.

Wim comes over and drinks some of the water and then smiles at the boy.

The boy smiles back still holding to Islana's hand waiting to see what the three of them were planning to do.

Wolf was not happy about how this was going. "Islana, we can make camp here and keep things light. I would say no fire, but just keep it small. We have to keep one person on look out at all times.

Wolf walked over to the pools of water he scooped up some and smelled it. This was a fresh spring; the water was so clear. Taking a drink was cool and refreshing. Wolf smiled at the Boy and Islana. "Islana, keep an eye on our new friend," said Wolf, starting to set things up for the camp.

Islana drank some of the refreshing water. Nodded at Boyce. And took the boy over to River, so the horses could be tended to.

When everything was ready Islana and the boy sat by the small fire. When Boyce and Wim had sat as well, Islana thought they needed a plan.

"What should we do tomorrow?"

The young woman was hoping there was a reasonable plan the three of them could come up with.

Wolf was quiet; he reached and pulled out a long-necked lute this time. "I think I will try some music with the boy and see what happens. For your answer Islana. The boy knows how to get around so he is not lost. whatever happened to his family or people can't be good. Most likely dead or dying. It is unlikely sickness the boy looks fine." suggested Wolf string play and hum.

He started to play a few chords that he had learned from the different people like the boy. Wolf watched for reactions from the boy. "Sadly I don't know enough of his language to figure it out," said Wolf, still playing.``Islana, the plan is to follow the boy and hope for the best but prepare for the worst." Still playing the lute.

Islana nodded, but then asked, "What about the horses? The path is too narrow for them to come with us."

"We tie them off over there near the water and grass over there hopefully we will be back in a day. Wim what do you think?" asked Wolf.

“That seems like a good plan to me,” he looked at them. Then finally sat down.
“With this being so exposed, I am worried that is going to get cold tonight,” he said.
“The wind will tear through here with nothing much to slow it down,” he added.

Islana nodded at what Wim said, "That's a good point. Should we set up two of the tents, then?"

Wolf gave a sigh. "I don't like the idea of a tent but ok, I have two thick hides and some furs for the night I will be good. Islana and the boy should sleep in the tent. I guess I and Wim have the watch tonight. Islana you can stand watch when the boy is asleep or first or the last watch." said Wolf.

"I think last watch, would work best." Just in case the boy woke up in the middle of the night.

Islana looked at both of the men with her and said, "Thank you both for agreeing to do this. "

Maybe the young hunteress was so determined it didn't give them much choice, but she was grateful they had agreed to do this with her.

Wolf gave a warm smile "I would do it for you anytime," then realized how that sounded. "Just remember you owe me," said Wolf with a grin.

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