Waking up

Amelia nodded in agreement " you are right..none of us should have to lose the thing we love be it land children or otherwise. " She really had always had respect for this man. Hewas strong and stoic and lead his people in the best way he could. In the end she knew they all wanted the same things. For the land to stay the way it was and be cared for. Shut they also weren't willing to give up their claim to it.
Kate's face looked like she didn't speak English. " what!? No...what the fuck?" She was just so angry as him if not more so. " they can't do that...my siter...where is the justice in that?" She snapped. This couldn't be happening. There was now an they were going to just let these people get away with this. Rage burned in her and she paced the hall. No. Just no.


Marley Gabe himself a small tired smile. " thanks and no I'd rather just get back to my family." She said and started back to the waiting room her bag of bloody clothes and her boots in one hand, with the other she reached for his has. Lacing her fingers with his and leaning on his arm as they walked. It was mostly because he felt solid whole she felt like she wasn't all there. He made her feel safe and steady. She dint think much past that as they asked back in. Marley pointed to the man sitting with her mom. " isn't that your grandfather?"
She asked alittle confused.

Everything was halted as the doctor came out into the lobby. He informed them that both Alex and Rainey out of surgery and stable. placed in separate rooms and would be waking up soon. Alex would most likely be able to leave the next day but Rainey would need to stay for a while till she healed enough to be sure she would be ok outside of the hospital. He said only two visitors at a time. And that they would probably be very tired so not to be surprised if they just slept. Amelia went straight to her daughter and Kate did as well. Marley decided to go see Alex till it was her turn.

Rainey had nightmares the whol time she was under, if memories could be nightmares. She could still hear the fading sounds of men and gunfire as she opened her eyes slowly. It was bright. Too bright. She close her eyes back frowning. She hurt. Like she had been hit by a truck and I'm she could breath without sharp pains. " mmm...fuck..." she herd her own voice croke faintly then felt a warm hand take hers. She squinted I totally light again turning her head. Her mother was there her fave tear streaked. " hey...hey baby...there you are.." she said with a shaky smile. " what happened where am i?" Her mom patted her " never mind that...you are fine now.." Rainey closed her eyes and shook her head. It came back to her then. " oh..but...how...how did I get here? What happened?" Kate sat down by her feet drawing Rainey attention. "Well..." she started then gave her a quick rundown. " if it wasn't for Alex and Marley we might have lost you and if it wasn't for sam we might have lost Alex.." she finished. Rainey tried to it up. " alex...I need to see him.." her motherpushed her back gently " there will be time baby but you need to rest now." Rainey shook her head but she couldn't open her eyes back up. The pain meds kicking back in. " I need...I gotta tell him I'm sorry..." she whimpered before falling into a dreameless dark.

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