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Summary: I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for its self.

Topusana (anna) greywell

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Gender: female

Age: 18

Group: Others


works at a small dinner on the reservation and dose a nanny job in the city sometimes.

Physical Appearance


slim build with long dark hair past her waist and dark eyes

Personality and interests

she is a strong willed woman and always gose after things she wants. she is fircely loyaland takes her herritage very seriously.


Topusana greywell was raised by her alcoholic father and druggie mother. most of the reservation was riddle with crime and lowlifes but she saw more than most even for that. she spent most of her time hiding out in barns or stables or out in the fields with animals. that's how she met Sam when she was 7. he was just a gangly boy then all limbs and teeth but after watching him save a horse she thought for sure was going to die, she knew right then she was going to marry him.
that notion was reinforced as they got older, he grew uphandsom and strong and everything she wanted. his only faluts were that he wanted to leave and he still only saw her as the child from the field. she never wanted to leave, she felt it was their duty to their people to stay and it frustrated her that he didnt notice that she too had grown up and inot one of the most beautifle girls on the rez, she had been fighting off men since she was 15 and yes Sam hardly noticed. then he leaves for a few days and shows back up with some pale face blond girl....

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Image of Topusana (anna) greywell
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