Don’t Hold Back

Sam saw Topusana awaiting him as he pulled his Jeep CJ5 into the ranch. She seemed anxious. Sam wasn’t sure if that was for seeing him or glad he wasn’t hurt in the shooting.

He knew he and her had to talk. Talk about feelings. What was happening between them. He never had this discussion before, so he was feeling rather nervous and unsure of himself.

Walking up the steps of the porch, Sam embraced Toppy. He just held her for a moment, feeling her warmth.

As Sam released the hug, he softly said, “We need to talk.” Taking one of her hands, Sam asked, “May we walk around the property?”

Embry saw Kate standing before him. He gave her a nervous smile. He was unsure of his future. One thing he was certain of, Kate was sexy.

He took a deep breath to calm himself, but he couldn’t resist her. “Damn!” he emphatically stated, “for what you’re going through, you look good!”

He needed someone. He was certain she may too, remembering her state at the hospital. So, Embry didn’t hold back this time. He kissed her. He kissed her with everything that had been building within him since he first noticed the fiery redhead.

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