Emotional meetsings

Rainey bit her lip and looked down trying not to cry. She had loved him for a long time too longer than she had realized. But how could she believe he loved her? She was a used and broken thing. No one could love her if they knew. " I love you Alex..." She said softly holding his hand tightly. She would take it. If only for right now.


Topusana almost melted in his arms tears pooling in her eyes as she barrier her face in his chest. She was so glad he was here. And things were different now. He was maybe feeling the things she had felt for so long. Her heart swelled with hope at the thought. When he asked to walk she wiped her face before the tears could fall and smiled at him nodding " oh yeah of course the parents are home right now so I'm technically off till the morning. " She stated and started to lead him down the little dirt trail that winded through the property.


Kate gave him a tired smile and motioned for him to come in the office. " You're not to bad your self." She said grinning " how's it going? What did we find out?" She asked stacking papers and putting them away in the desk.

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