Image of Ranger Jack Embry

Summary: The Ranger

Ranger Jack Embry

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: The Law


Lieutenant of Company D, Texas Rangers

Physical Appearance

Tall and lean in the way of Texas men, Embry wears the pseudo-uniform of the Texas Rangers. Jack is sparse with a razor and hides his eyes behind aviator sunglasses. He might be considered handsome if his countenance wasn't so severe. His jeans are blue, his hat is white and his gun says Colt. All befitting a Texas lawman.

Personality and interests

The suffering of fools or scofflaws is not something Lt. Ranger Embry is known for. He is a reserved man, slow with words and quick with action. His reputation among his colleagues is one of a professional police officer with zero fear of violent action.

Embry's reputation during such action is legendary, as he has justifiably killed seven men in the course of duty.

In his spare time he enjoys Kentucky bourbon and WWII model aircraft.

The only love in his life is his nine year old beagle Sam.


Born in Brewster County, Texas, Jack Embry was raised in the woods of nearby Big Bend National Park. An accomplished hunter, he briefly held the Texas State record for wild boar.

After highschool, Jack joined the United States Marines, and while much of his service record in Afghanistan is classified, it IS known that he served with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and that he was awarded two Purple Hearts and the Silver Star.

After his return to the the US, Embry enrolled at Baylor University where he recieved his degree in Criminal Justice and only days after graduation, joined the Texas Rangers.

His conviction record is second to none, and Jack enjoys the reputation as one of the best Rangers in Texas. And also the deadliest.

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Image of Ranger Jack Embry
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