Sam smiled in relief that Toppy felt the same as he did. Marriage hadn’t entered his mind at this time. He thought that they were just talking about being m love with each other. He didn’t let the word hinder his feelings.

Sam softly caressed Topusana’s cheek. His lips tenderly brushed against hers. It was the first he had even kissed a girl. He couldn’t believe how blind he had been.

“What better person to be my love than my best friend,” Sam whispered to her. “I said before, I cannot live without you in my life. I love you, Toppy! Somewhere in our relationship, you became more than a best friend. I love you!”

He rested his forehead upon hers. Sam couldn’t believe he was actually in love. His spirit was soaring now, free, feeling like the thunderbird of his peoples’ lore.

Embry smiled, showing relief. His future as a Ranger was unknown, it was good that he had this alternative. Jack also liked the idea of working here, protecting these people. Protecting Kate.

He stood and rested against the desk, next to Kate. “You won’t be disappointed,” he affirmed to her. She had such a draw upon him. The energy she had. Her fire. He wanted her, no, needed her. He wanted to hold her fiery body against him. With a smirk, Embry suggested, “As my first official duty, may I inspect the security of your bedroom?”

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