Love n stuff

Anna smiled and hugged him. This was it the moment she had always dreamed of. He loved her and the were together. All she had to do now was convince him to go home to the rez. Something easier said than done. " So what happened out there? I'm glad you were not hurt. She said pulling away a little to look up at him.


Rainey smiled. " What about you? You got shot too." She said nodding twords his arm. " Was it really bad?" She asked. She didn't want him to leave yet. She liked him close and now that it was out in the air how they felt, she felt more at home than she had in a really long time.


Kate laughed and playfully Punched his arm. " Careful cowboy, you might get more than what you are looking for. And sleeping with your boss is never a good idea." She teased giving him a wink.


Marley txt sam that her sister was up and seeming to do good. That she was with Alex and could he maybe take her home to change and sleep here in a bit.
At the sound of the man's voice she looked up from her phone. " Oh...yeah..sure" she said with a bright smile. It was easy to smile again now that she knew her sister would be ok.

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